Before calling our support, please check a few simple items below that suprisingly solve many issues.



AtomOS Box Check

Is it powered on? (Flashing Network indicators DO NOT tell you that the device is ON, only that it has power)

Are the cables connected securely?

Is the network router on/up?


Phone Body Check

Is the power cord connected properly?

Is the network cable connected to the correct live port?

Is the phone extension registered to pbx?


Handset Check

Is handset pllugged into the correct connector?

Was your handset dropped recently? (Is it possibly broken?)

If you are using a headset, is that working properly?

Does the speakerphone work?



If you've checked the items above and you are still experiencing issues, please contact our support below.



Contact Support


For all other inquiries, please call us or use the contact form below.




Form received.