If not secured properly, an entire network can be affected if a VoIP network is compromised, impacting the dependability of a business’ voice and data communications. Top tier security features utilized in the VoIP Defender platform keep a business’ network free from harmful Internet activity…





With VoIP Defender’s integrated firewall, Rest assured your business is protected from any type of incoming threats.

Web Filtering (link)

Be safe on the web with features like Safe Search, Integrated Antivirus Scanning, Advertisement Blocking, Chat/IM Blocking and more.

Spam/Anti-Virus Protection

Secure your data with comprehensive protection against all types of intruders. Defend your privacy and ensure your network remains virus-free.

24/7 Support

Businesses work around the clock so 24/7 support is a necessity; our first-rate technicians are always here to help.


Why do you need to have a secure Voice and Network system?

Network Security – Voice and Data

  • The VoIP network is vulnerable to being attacked, hacked, re-routed, altered, shutdown or intercepted with an unsecure network.
  • VoIP Security also secures a conversation to another endpoint or end device (IP Phone, Gateway, application Server, and so on).
  • VoIP Network security is all network security … The entire network can be compromised if the IP Telephony system is compromised, impacting the ability of the organization to use both their voice and data communications.


Financial Risks

  • Higher Operational Costs, Business Continuity at risk - System Failures and Long Down Time because of network security breaches, causing business interruptions, loss of business, damaged reputations.
  • Toll Fraud: VOIP PBX telephone system hacked and international calls get routed through their system costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Other Risks

  • Security breaches: Communications intercepted, theft of voice and data, confidential data, theft of proprietary company, employee and customer information. Identity Theft, Federal Violations (HiPPa, financial information),
  • Some organizations are more concerned about toll fraud, others may be concerned about protection of confidential information, others are concerned more about interruption of business.


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