What is Unified Communications as a Service?


It's the most cost-effective business solution for your Voice, Security and Networking needs.


It's Powered by the scalable operating system AtomOS® that provides the ability to run all of these services from a single interface.


[Unified Communications as a Service]
is the simplified method of running your business’ communication services, such as phones, voicemail, conferencing, and other Voice Services. VoIP Defender's UCaaS model also integrates Networking and Security software that eliminates the need to deal with multiple service providers.


See a detailed list of the UCaaS features


Lower Costs

NO expensive PBX or Servers to purchase and upgrade. You get the lowest cost for your telephone communications.  No expensive investment in forklift upgrades of servers and telephone systems that become outdated. UCaaS


Experts Supporting Your Communications

Your staff is supporting your business, not maintaining voice and network systems with limited resources. The experts are supporting your communications, networking and connectivity.


Easily Scalable

Add users quickly, make changes quickly, with no expensive infrastructure investments. Add staff in your office or across the country and not have to invest in new systems.


No Obsolescence

System upgrades are automatic and included. You always have the best and most current technology available.


Easy to Use and Mobile

Mobility… Voice communications and network security across the office, across the city, across the country, across the world!


Enterprise Level Protection

Security, Reliability, Redundancy and Disaster Recovery at the highest level are automatically included. You get enterprise level protection.

It's Simple

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