There are many companies already offering UCaaS plans, but VoIP Defender is the only company that truly UNIFIES your communication needs. Other UCaaS plans offer solely VoIP services, however, comparable networking software requires additional hardware, locations or plans for the same features VoIP Defender offers in one solution.



Voice over Internet Protocol uses your internet connection rather than telephone lines to handle calls. Our VoIP solution includes the phones, server, services and secure communications features that a business needs. We also include Unlimited domestic calling services.

Cloud-based Setup

With a cloud-based VoIP system, take advantage of accessing your network from anywhere.

Quick & Easy Set-up

Since the AtomOS® is an all-in-one system that only uses one box and a centralized interface, set-up is fast and seamless.

Mobile App. and Softphone

Use your Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet as an office phone with our VoIP Defender app. Control your personal settings and more... (coming this Summer)

24/7 Support

Businesses work around the clock so 24/7 support is a necessity; our first-rate technicians are always here to help.

Easy Scalability

AtomOS® offers features for you when you need them, and adapts to your business’ needs. The system is scalable; installations can be done gradually, according to a business’ individual growth and unique needs.


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